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Information Links

As distributors we are reliant on our suppliers to provide the goods and services to a very high standard and we list them so that you may contact them direct.

Link List Title

  • www.cobar.com                                             Suppliers of our Solders and Fluxes.
  • www.Tannlin.com                                             Stencils, Jigs and Tooling.
  • www.spanesi.co.uk                                             Sister company.
  • www.dklmetals.co.uk                                         Solders
  • www.adamtech.co.uk                                      Printers, service and parts.
  • www.IOM3                                                                   The Institute Materials Minerals and Mining
  • www.TWI                                             The Welding Institute.
  • www.ITRI                            The Tin Research Institute