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Whitemetal Bearing Alloys

We supply to order the British Railways Steam WM series of Whitemetal Bearing alloys but we can also supply almost any alloy composition, providing the specification is available.    This includes the Hoyt alloys as well as the BS3332 series.

BR Steam WM Series

  •  WM1
    BR recommended for Inside and Outside Big Ends.     
    Based on Tin this alloy composition exhibits good resistance to high temperatures produced by heavy loading. To maintain the alloy properties, tinning of the base metal should be carried out with pure Tin solder paint.
  • WM2
    BR recommended for Locomotive Driving, Bogie and Pony Truck axle box lining. Whilst having a slightly lower resistance to load induced temperature the alloy bonds well to the bearing box liner material and can result in a very sound bearing face.
    Tinning may be satisfactorly achieved with Tin-Lead solder paint.
  • WM4
    BR recommended for Tender axle boxes and other applications such as Reversing Shaft, Valve Guide and Brake Shaft bushes and bearings. This is a  Lead based alloy and offers a considerable purchase cost saving over WM1 & 2 for these applications. Tin with Tin-Lead solder paint.

BS 3332 series

  • Grade A SnSb8Cu4
    Often used in place of WM1 but is lower in both elements used for hardening (Sb and Cu) and may result in a reduced service life.
  • Grade B SnSb8Cu4Cd (Also known as Hoyt 11R)
    Recommended for use in Diesel Engines of both automotive and marine types. It should be noted that Cd, although imparting excellent compressive strength is also toxic and for that reason not recommended.
  • Grade C SnSb10Cu5

Availability: nominal 3kg ingots

Ancillery Products

  • Zinc Chloride Flux
  • Tin and Tin-Lead solder paint
  • Temperature controlled Solder pots
  • Ladels and dressing paint